Nano Mobile Phone Liquid Protective Guard (2ML) | Anti-Scratch Liquid Protector


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Ensure that all attached screens are removed (either nylon or plastic screen cover).

Use “wet wipe” in the pack to clean screen surface.

This will ensure that all dust visible & micro residues glued to screen surface are removed, leaving a clean surface.

Use “dry wipe” in pack to wipe the wet surface which was caused by the use of wet wipe.

Open the nano liquid container and pour the liquid on the screen surface. Use your finger or any material that won’t absorb the liquid much to gently spread, so that the liquid can cover the entire screen’s surface. It is advised that you pour the liquid little by little, and not at once.

This is to prevent the poured liquid from dripping off the screen in the process of spreading. In simple sense, you pour little, use your finger to spread till it dry off and pour again repeating the second process till the bottle is exhausted.

Allow the surface to dry for about 10-15 minutes minimum so that the liquid can properly sip into the screen’s micro pores.

When it is visible enough that the liquid has dried off, use the dry wipe in the pack that looks like clothing material to polish the dry surface thoroughly. This can be done for 30 seconds to 1 minute, but it’s important to ensure that the liquid dry off before using the dry wipe.

The phone is ready for use. You can use keys or sharp object to scratch moderately to test the effectiveness.


Some answers to Your Questions

▶ You can hit with hard objects to test but intentionally doing this often will only weaken the applied liquid protector over time and reduce the average durability.

▶Allowing liquid to dry off itself on application is essential, this is to ensure that the liquid material properly settles on screen surface.

▶ It can be used on any phone, irrespective of the screen size or brand.

▶Ideally, one bottle of 1ml is to be used for one phone we are giving you 2ml

▶It won’t stick on the phone surface after application & cleaning as the effect of the application won’t be visible. What will be seen alone is the screen as it is. Just your glass screen!

On application it won’t affect the functionality of the phone nor the display. Your phone will work as it is before the application. In fact your phone screen becomes more smooth



  • 99% invisible screen protection
  • 9H hardness and anti-corrosion
  • Sensitive touch and anti-scratch
  • High definition and crystal clear
  • Anti-bacteria and 360days durability
  • Fits all mobile phone screen


Do you want to prevent your mobile phone screen from breaking or scratching? Our nano liquid protective film is a unique high-performance protection product. It penetrates into the pores of the product (your mobile phone screen) and fuses with the molecules of the glass to form a hard and long-lasting glass protective layer. The protective layer not only protects your phone screen from scratch, dirt, salt, air and other harmful substance, it also produces a perfect crystal, transparent, nice sensitive touch and ultra-smooth feel. Order yours now!

  • Nano particles have high 9H hardness and wear resistance features
  • Greatly enhance the brightness of your phone screen
  • Nano inorganic ingredients can penetrate into your mobile phone screen to form a dense protective film from the inside to the outside
  • Prevents bacteria and impuritues from attacking your mobile phone screen
  • Makes it easy to clean your phone screen and has long lasting protection effect
  • Maintains your phone screen touch sensitivity
  • You can use 1ML for 2 phones and 2ML for 4 phones


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